DCCD Controller Plug and Play - Wiring Harness Only


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Let iWire jumpstart your DCCD wiring!

Can this help me install the DCCD controller that I've already purchased?
Definitely! If you did not purchase a DCCDPro controller that is already made plug and play through us and want to simplify the install, this would be your best option since we match it up to the DCCDPro configuration. If you purchased a different controller brand, utilize our jumpers and wiring to make that install far more straightforward than it would be on your own.

Are you installing your DCCD equipped transmission now but not quite ready to purchase the controller?
Our plug-and-play harness would be a great way to get you set up while you have the car apart, and when it's time to purchase the controller, it'll just plug right into the harness you've installed. Just email us directly, and we'll set you up with a discount since, at that point, you'll be purchasing the controller separately.

Compatible Cars:
Any model that started with a manual transmission or was converted correctly to run a manual transmission.

Fitment Notes:
If you have not purchased a controller, please Click here for our DCCD Controller Buying Guide or Contact Us.

If you have a non-CANbus chassis (IE 2007 and older Impreza) and a 2008+ STi transmission, you will need a VSSPro to get the speed sensor working. Click here for the VSSPro with fitment notes.

Only for Manual Cars. The plug-and-play harness is not an auto-to-manual conversion solution!

Click here for complete DCCD installation instructions