Flex Fuel Conversion Harness


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Looking to run Flex Fuel on your JDM AVCS equipped EJ205 or EJ207 engine utilizing the Carberry ROM for the 16 bit ECU, but don't have TGV inputs? Purchase our Flex Fuel Conversion Harness! This harness takes the output signal from the Cobb Flex Fuel kit and and transfers it to run through the rear O2 sensor connector instead of the TGV connector. 

Simply buy the off the shelf Cobb Flex Fuel content sensor kit 312550 (option to purchase in drop down menu), plug in and tune with the Carberry ROM. The Carberry ROM does not support Fuel Pressure so the additional Fuel Pressure Kit is not needed. 

Could also be utilized on models with the TGVs deleted.

Compatible Cars:
2001- 2007 JDM STI
2001- 2007 JDM WRX
2002-2005 USDM WRX Models with Deleted TGV connectors


Do I need the 3 Pin TGV or 5 Pin TGV version? 

You will know which version you need based on the Cobb Flex Fuel kit you have purchased becuase the iWire harness will match the TGV plug type in the kit. The Cobb Flex Fuel Kit for 2004-2007 WRX and 2004-2006 STI uses the 3 pin TGV type. The Cobb Flex Fuel Kit for 2008+ WRX and 2007+ STI uses the 5 pin TGV type. 

iWire recommends the 3 pin version of the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit (312550) because the fuel lines will be set up to work with the older style fuel lines found on the 16 bit ECU applications.