2.0 WRX and 2.0 STi Standard Wiring Harness


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Finally! We have the pre-fabbed off the shelf harness to run all of the ECU and engine related components for a 2.0 WRX or 2.0 STi engine platform you are looking for.

Let us handle the leg work for your custom project.
This harness takes the basic setup of the 2.0 Project Harness and finishes it out to make it as easy as possible to install. We've wired up the weatherproof fuse box that houses all of the necessary components to run the ECU, radiator fans, and fuel pump. In addition we've taken care of the alternator, cluster leads, and most other engine related components. All you need to do is hook up a few simple inputs and outputs.

  • Key On Power Input
  • Starter Trigger Input (ECU just wants to see when the starter is cranking)
  • Battery Input (Circuit Breaker Included for Circuit Protection)
  • Fuel Pump Output
  • Radiator Fan(s) Output
  • Cluster Related information
    • Tach
    • VSS
    • CEL
    • Oil Pressure Light
    • Alternator Warning Light
    • Fuel Level
  • Plug in Fuel Pump Controller (Fuel Controller Not Included)
  • Plug in Alternator
  • Plug in to Main Engine Connectors on the Sides of the Engine

Utilize the Built in OBD2 Port for Diagnostics and Tuning
The OBD2 port, flash connectors, and initialization connectors are all prewired so all you have to do is plug in to the OBD2 port with your scan tool of choice to read any diagnostic trouble codes. Reflashing and tuning will function just as it would in the car the engine came out of so take it to your local tuner and let them get the most out of your new turbo platform.

2 Different Standardized Layouts designed for your application.

  • Rear Engine - This version is designed for vehicles like VW, Porsche, Sandrail, or Kit Car where the engine is mounted in the rear of the car.
  • Front Engine - We set this model up for your Subaru race car with the engine in the front
Compatible Engines
2002-2005 USDM WRX (EJ205 without AVCS)
2001-2006 JDM WRX (EJ205 with AVCS)
2001-2006 JDM STi (EJ207 with AVCS)

More info on these EJ205 (WRX) and EJ207 (STi) models can be found by clicking here. 

Turn Around Time: 1-2 Weeks

Suggested Uses
Subaru Race Car 
Subaru into Vanagon
Subaru into Bug
Subaru into Porsche
Subaru into Kit Car
Subaru into Dune Buggy


Fitment Notes


This is not a complete replacement harness for a 2.0 WRX application since it runs the bare necessities of the engine only. It also is not a good option for a non-turbo to turbo swap since that project should be accomplished with a harness merge. More information about our harness merge services can be found by clicking here.



This kit is designed to modify the electrical systems in your vehicle. Working around electricity can be dangerous and even deadly if proper care is not taken. While iWire takes pride in making our products as simple as possible to use, we still recommend that a professional, qualified technician perform the installation. Any modification to a vehicle that exceeds the original manufacturer specifications carries an inherent risk of mechanical failure that could result in damage to life or property. iWire is not responsible or liable for any damages that may occur. THIS PRODUCT IS NON RETURNABLE. By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms of sale.