NA to Turbo Transmission Adapter


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Installing a WRX transmission into your manual Subaru and the plugs don’t match?
Then our Non Turbo Chassis to Turbo Transmission adapter is for you! Our harness plugs into the original car wiring and the new transmission, so all your features work properly with just 3 clicks. This transmission adapter works with any Turbo (non DCCD) transmission going into a manual Non Turbo chassis.

Get The Reverse Lights Working
The signal for the reverse lights to turn on and off runs through the transmission. Our transmission adapter wires in the proper inputs needed.

Fix The Neutral Position Switch Code
Your ECU needs to know if the transmission is in or out of gear to function properly. Simply plug in our transmission adapter to keep the ECU happy.

Withstands The Elements
Whether you run your car through the mud, take it on a long road trip through the desert, or drive your car to the mountains on a snowy adventure; our transmission adapter is built with high quality materials that can withstand any environment.

Car Compatibility:

Non-Turbo Chassis receiving a Turbo Transmission.  
Non-Turbo Chassis
Turbo Transmission
Legacy GT
Outback XT
Baja XT
Forester XT


Some newer transmissions do not have the built-in vehicle speed sensor. Check out our VSSPro Plug and Play wiring kit to get the speedometer working.

Please note this is not an auto to manual conversion! Find out more information about Auto to Manual Transmission Swaps here.