Why Use iWire?

Why use iWire you ask? Well besides reviews from fellow customers (which you can find here) we believe there are three things that set us apart from the rest:

Integrity – Once we start working with a customer, we never stop answering the phone or email until their car is up and running. We are always upfront about pricing and time frames. iWire was started after our owner, Brian, had many issues with car companies. He started a business where the customer is our priority and helping them complete their project is our goal.

Quality – iWire uses only the best materials for your project ranging from OEM replacements to milspec grade materials. We typically use OEM parts but we are happy to tailor your harness to your exact specifications. Our goal is to make your wiring harness look just like it did from the factory and have everything you need so when you turn the key the first time, the car starts right up.

Experience – Using a Subaru engine in your project isn’t as easy as it seems. The wiring harnesses have a lot of complexity between different models and years. Some cars are immobilized, some have electronic throttle, and others simply have unique ECU pinouts. Instead of tackling all of this yourself by doing days of research followed by weeks to months of wiring, use iWire. With over 1200 builds done in our company’s lifetime we know a thing or two about Subaru Wiring Harnesses. We’re always happy to share our knowledge with our customers from helping them pick out the right type of harness to troubleshooting their builds if there are any hiccups. We’ve put Subarus into other Subarus, Factory Five 818s, Porsche, VWs, Race Cars, Dune Buggy, a Hovercraft, and any other cars a Subaru engine will fit into, so we’ve seen just about everything.