Customer Reviews

"I appreciate your work and your support, I highly recommend you to anyone who would ask. I'm a 4 year tech at a Subaru dealership and I don't think I could've gotten this working the way it is without the help. Thanks again, forever a customer."

-Subaru Customer

"Very nice job guys. There's no doubt, you guys are the best at what you do!"

- Subaru into VW Bug Customer

"Thank you guys for your service, good quality and will be recommending you guys to everyone doing a swap. Thanks again!"

"Thanks for taking care of my wiring harness - the work done is indeed impressive and I probably would have destroyed this harness if I tried this myself!"

"iWire is the hero the Subaru swap community needs"

-Subaru Customer

"I would like to chime in that sending my harness/ECU to iWire saved my butt by finding some problems with the donor ECU that I would not have identified. They were able to help me get all the problems resolved and save me who knows how long identifying possible problems down the road. To rap it up, sending the harness off is easy and in return you get a tested turn key electrical system."

-Michael, 818 Customer


"I tried iWire's competition and was very disappointed. Another friend with an 818 said they used you. Glad I followed his advice! Harness came back looking great and was easy to install."

"I wish you wired my EJ257 swap my "buddy" said he sent the wiring harness out to you guys (never did) he had the car for 1.5 years before i traded him a sedan for it, then a shop had it for another year before I got it back with a mess under the dash. It's running and driving but I'll have to fix the professionals work. Anyway appreciate it Brian and if I ever swap another Subaru and need wiring services I'm definitely going to iWire!"

"The best wiring harness you can get on the market for your engine swap."

-Subaru Customer


"I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and the amazing work you guys do. Top notch customer service! Without hesitation, I would recommend iWire to anyone with plans of swapping. Seriously, thank you for everything!!!"

-Subaru Customer

"Use iWire. I'm decent with electric pixie wrangling but I still couldn't get my harness working spot on and sent it to iWire to fix it."

-Subaru Customer

"Just want to say thanks to the guys at iWire. Mechanics is easy. Wiring takes some next level patience that I just didn't have the time for, and these guys made the swap seamless. Harness came back looking better than factory and the customer service is an experience I will never forget. Thanks guys."

- Subaru Customer

"Brian's harness is a work of art that will be shown off on my R."

- Mitch, 818 Customer

"Thanks so much for the info and tech overview. Ever since the first time my car cranked up I was recommending you just like you were recommended to me."

- Endy, Subaru Customer

"I just started laying my iWire harness in this weekend. I was reminded of the workmanship and couldn't help but think to myself that I was happy to have shelled out the coin for such a nice product."

- Jason, 818 Customer

"Rock solid wiring, EVERYTHING works and looks just like stock"

- Chewy, Subaru Customer

"Yeah, (dieting the OEM harness) was a lot of time and work and in the end, it's a hacked up harness. I could probably...maybe...make my own (harness) from scratch, but I don't have time or desire too. Dan really encouraged me to go your route after getting his."

- Craig, 818 Customer

"Another 100% satisfied customer! Awesome work Brian! I can't thank you enough."

- Josh, Subaru Customer

"I passed the California B.A.R. inspection on the first go with your harness! He said he only passes about 1 person per year on their first try."

"I'm happy to report that I received the wiring harness Wednesday. You did an amazing job on it, thank you! Over the past 2 days I got the harness in and everything back together and it started first crank! Thanks so much for everything!"

"The best wiring service for your Subaru swap. I've always heard of iWire's amazing wiring service. When I did my rsti swap, I knew it had to be iwire or nothing. Harness came back very factory oem like. Rsti swap start up on first turn key. Build #321"

"Received the package and your note today. Everything looks great! Can honestly say I've never received better customer service from another company, auto industry or otherwise. Will definitely spread the word to other enthusiasts about the top notch products and services."

"Thank you for answering all my questions. You have definitely made my swap a lot easier. I will definitely will be referring you guys to friends."

"Big thanks to iWire for your great job on my harness! I had a few support questions afterwards as well and he picked up the phone every time I called and had answers right away! If you need harness merger services, I'd go straight to iWire. And I will when my next rally project begins."

"Great service, plugged in and just worked. Too easy. I have now had my swap for a little over a year now. Never had any issues with the harness. Have recommended 3 of my friends who also have Iwire swaps. No complaints."

"I wanted to reach out and say thanks for the killer work. I started up the car Xmas eve for the first time without a hitch. No CELs or anything. So pumped. Glad your service is around to make swaps even more enjoyable of a process."

"After 6 years of driving a naturally aspirated 99 Subaru RS the head gaskets finally went and I decided to swap the engine to a 2002 USDM ej205. The mechanical stuff was pretty straightforward thanks to the lego-like nature of Subarus but was debating whether or not to do the wire merge myself. At the time I was a production technician for a X-Ray Security company and was very comfortable with wiring. Still, I decided to contact iWire to perform the merge for me so I wouldn't have to deal with wiring gremlins I may have created from having less experience with automotive wiring. The peace of mind alone is worth it, and I feel my car has more value with an iWire merge than a merge done myself. Even after the sale, Brian has provided excellent support for his product and any other little question about electrical systems I have had. 3 years and not one issue with the wire merge. Thanks again iWire!"

"Thanks again for the great service! I definitely will be throwing your name out to those who are looking to tackle a swap."

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great transaction. iWire is doing top notch work and has excellent customer service. I had some very specific things I asked for on my harness and he came through for me. If you want a swap harness done look no further - it will take the guess work out of your build."

"Just got the harness! Everything looks really really good and it made it over here in good shape. Thank you for the kind words on the card, the stickers that will for sure be put on my car, and the Cookie for my dog! Thank you so much for your help with my project it would have no chance of ever running without you and your team! I cannot express how pain free your services were, I have nothing but good things to say about my Iwire experience. Thank you so so much for helping be a part of making my dream car a reality. I hope to work with you again in the future and wish you all the best!"

"I have never gotten such great customer service in my life. Doesn't feel like a customer relationship but a friend relationship and that's a dope feeling while building something as dope as my dream car."

"My experience with iWire was excellent. The motor went out in my 2000 2.5rs and it was time for an sti swap, so I bought a v9 ej207 sti engine. I called with questions for guidance and was given expert advice on the wiring merge. They suggested service that would fit my needs and budget, never once pushing for product the was unnecessary, very honest from start to end. I was extremely pleased with the result of my wiring harness. Everything worked and urged in exactly as they said, I ordered a GC to GD radiator adapter shroud as well and it fit perfectly. I have been recommending their services ever since. If you have any need for Subaru Wiring Services of any kind don't hesitate to call them."

"Thank you and your team again for the wiring merge for our little “street thing” 97/98 OBS, everything worked perfectly from the get go and the car is now completely nuts in a pretty stock from the outside looking package. I’ve literally had to limit my street driving of it for fear of losing my license as regardless of my speeding anything that fun just simply can’t be legal!"

"Hello Brian! Swap #637 here. Getting ready to start my next project and figured I would consult you first BEFORE buying engine/harness/etc. Also, everything for my GC I got from you is still functioning flawlessly! Thanks again!"

"I love you guys! Wired in my kill switch to the light green wire on the brown plug you recommended and just as you said it cranks all day without starting. Flip the switch and it fires off instantly. You guys rock!
Thanks again! If for ever reason I'm in your area I'm stopping in and bringing 200 tacos."

"You all deserve every bit of the success. My iWire kit (and post support!) for my 818 took weeks off my build. The increase in long term reliability alone would be worth the price."

"I believe I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is working! Thanks so much for your help, you saved me a huge amount of troubleshooting time. Good thing I waited to hear back from you before I started spicing wires."

"I received my harness on Friday, top notch, very high quality. I have not had a chance t install the harness yet, need to do some more work, but I did some engine work and I attached the harness to engine and battery and I was able to fire up the engine standalone. Nice job Brian! Harness I sent weighed 49lbs, the harness I got back was 23lbs (all connector, modules, fuse boxes, etc.). I'm 200% pleased with the work that you have done."

"I decided to have iWire build the harness for me after I spent at least 40 hours "dieting" the factory harness, only to be left with a mess of wires that were still all the wrong length and going to the wrong places. Instead of investing another 40+ hours of my time (and probably screwing it up) I called iWire and was immediately impressed with your knowledge and attitude. After talking with you, deciding to have you build my harness was a no-brainer. I only wish I had done it sooner. One of the most satisfying parts of this whole process was stuffing my old harness into a box and shipping it to you, knowing it would come back set up perfectly for my 818. The workmanship in this harness is simply outstanding and working with you to get it done was a real pleasure."

"Received wiring harness yesterday. It is well made with top notch components. Well worth the wait. Thanks for workmanship!"

"You guys are awesome. I don't think I have ever been this impressed with something. We would both like to extend our deepest gratitude to you. We will be your humble customers for life."

"Good call on giving iWire a shot at your harness. You will be very pleased with his work and it's really worth it."

"Cant wait to get it. I do believe this is the way to go. I've wasted enough time trying to get my harness to fit. Thanks for offering this service!!"

"Brian is an awesome guy, he's totally helpful even with his busy schedule. Hugely helpful long before I decide to stop doing the wiring myself and switch to his harness."

"iWire did an amazing job building my harness for my 818s. They were friendly and easy to deal with. They did exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the great work!!"

"Plugged in the wires, turned on the key. Started right up.

Doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for your help."

"Brian, I am looking forward to installing the harness now......quite different from how I felt about trying to do a nice job installing the factory harness! It is like a pressure has been lifted from my shoulders (and I am an electrical engineer!) The new enclosure looks awesome and really finishes off your product. I like how you seem to be constantly trying to improve and refine what your offer. Cant wait!"

"I can't even imagine people building these without your harness; especially people that aren't good at this like me."

"I will say that I spent about 30 minutes laying out the harness on the floor then about 2 hours routing it in the car and the car started.


2 months of wire diet, $ for more wire, $ for tape, $ for burn ointment, and an unspecified amount of frustration with Subaru wiring and their color code. When I do this again, your harness will be in the budget from the beginning."

"iWire went above and beyond helping my son figure out a short on our rsti even though it had nothing to do with the Iwire harness. You guys rock, thanks for your help."

"Wow, this is exactly the kind of kit that would help an electrical layman like myself wire a car up. Using a donated car's rat's nest is simply not an option for me."

"Thank you very much. The next time I here anyone is doing the STI swap I will send them your way for the wiring and DCCD needs."

"Thank you so much for all the help! It has been a great experience with your company. Everything works great."

"I always recommend you when people mention swapping rubies, either on the forums or in person. More than just your workmanship but your customer service, even before I bought anything, has been top notch. Keep up the good work iWire."

"Perfect. Thank you again for everything. I truly appreciate all you guys have done for this build."

"Hey iWire, I just placed my online order. I truly appreciate that you provide such a service and resource to the Subaru community. We (Subaru enthusiasts and tinkerers) are always getting in over our heads, and it's nice to have a company that is there when we need help. I'm sure I will reach out to you again in the future when the need arises as I've heard nothing but good things from the friends that have utilized your services. I hope to see my order soon, and that it works to get me closer to on the road with my project car. Cheers!"

"Just got it installed on the weekend worked just as it should, thanks again for all the help will be sure to mention you to all my subbie friends who need wiring harnesses for their swaps."

"The wiring was perfect. I was able to get it all done this weekend. The car started and drove on its own power with no check engine lights or any kind of errors for the first time in three years last night. I really appreciate what you guys do and look forward to using more iwire products in the future. I've got some things in mind already."

"I've been building my subaru a lot and I always order pnp adapters n what not from you."

"I'm glad you guys had the pigtail needed for my secret project! saved me from buying a whole harness and cutting out what I need, thank you!"

"Just wanted to say thanks after my recent order arrived. I am honestly blown away by how quick the part arrived and the quality. The packaging was excellent as well. One of the best customer experiences I’ve very had. Will be ordering from you again!"

"Thank you very much! I've ordered a couple of items from you in the past and I am continually impressed by your customer service. I appreciate it!"

"Thank you for the tracking number and the awesome customer service! Also, on an unrelated note, we just got a ‘66 VW Beetle in the shop that has a Ver8 207 in it and has one of your harnesses (#835) for us to install and wire up. Already can’t wait to see this thing in action!"

"I want to officially thank you, for all your service. Your team is excellent for the job they have done. I been promoting your company telling every one of my subaru buddy's that iWire the one to talk to, when it comes to wiring. I been driving my car for two months now and she runs great. And all the electronics works fine."

"Just a note to thank you for the wonderful service, excellent product, and fast shipping. Doing business with you was a pleasure."

"Was hanging out with some of your guys at gridlifesouth last weekend, checking out that FA swapped gf. Thing was awesome. I had my car out on the track, and got the dccd all wired up, worked great. So thanks for getting me that connector in a very timely fashion."

"Just a thank you to the SRT USA mechanic on Travis Pastrana's team for recommending your site to me while I was up at NEFR."

"I do wiring for a living and I never once considered doing my subaru wiring harness myself. Best decision ever!"

"In the world of the internet where the data requested arrives in many ultimately more confusing forms... nothing can replace a human who sees the right answer and simply provides it without any kind of runaround. When I got my iwire plug (second time same part acquired and first time from you) delivered 100% as promised and a day earlier than expected, I was shocked to see an envelope fall out with a handwritten thank-you to me and a note inside. All these have combined to create one very satisfied and grateful customer and one who you can count on to look to you first when my WRX needs some TLC. Keep up the great work. You cannot fail with such a great approach IMHO."

"I stopped at IAG Performance in Westminster, MD (our local all Subaru performance shop) and was talking about my Subi swapped bug and I was asking them about wiring. Come to find out, they use you guys for their wiring!!! Its good to know I picked the best guys in the business for my harness!!"

"I finally started laying the harness and I gotta say iWire are true professionals! Your work is incredible!!"

"Just wanted to share with you, the swap is completed. Absolutely no issues, shop reported plug and play install. Today is day 2 of having it back, and I am extremely and thoroughly impressed. You guys outdid yourself, everything is perfect. Thank you very much for the help and advice through the install and component selection. This thing is the craziest thing I've ever had the privelage to drive. Great job."

"Thank you so much for all of your help, I really do appreciate your services. You have no idea how thankful I am for your business, and I will definitely be using using your services in the future!"

"I meant to write back to you guys and let you know the parts were perfect and worked wonderfully. I shall use your services again."

"Just a quick follow up to say “Thank you” for the great product and service. The connector wire works great as a jumper wire and my LED High beams/DRLs function properly. So glad I found you guys!"

"You guys really are the best. I have not seen this level of customer service in I don't know when. It's pretty rare if at all that customers see/feel the kind of care and love you guys project. Thanks again for the update!"

"I normally don’t write reviews after a purchase. I will say that our experience with your staff was second to none. Will recommend you and use your services from now on. Keep up the excellent work!"

"Just wanted to thank y'all for the perfection on my wiring harness for my sf5 swap. The harness merge made this process very simple for me and made it more enjoyable. I promote you all to every car show I take it to now because everybody always stops to ask questions about it. Once again thank you."

"I just wanted to email and say thank you for all your help I actually just started and drove the car for the first time yesterday and what was an idea one day would still be an idea without your help and information thanks again and have a good day."

"Just got my pig tails, they are gorgeous. Many thanks to all involved and a belly rub to LeeLoo"

"I am so very impressed with my dealings with you and your business. And for such a small purchase you have been so amazing. I will forever sing your praises and will come to you first for what I need. Thank you so much."

"I’m very pleased and happy with how it turned out and how easy the hardwire kit/bypass kit was to install. I purchased your DCCD controller through you guys and I was also very pleased with that and how easy that was to install. I’m very happy with your products and the quality of your products."

"I just want to thank you and your team at iwire for an amazing harness, I just turned the key for the first time since I finished installing the harness and it started first try! Very happy to have eliminated all the electrical gremlins from the previous harness."

"I received the kit and my goodness me - such a high quality kit!

Thank you very much for your goods and services and there is no doubt iWire is my go-to place for harnesses and sensors for my Subaru!"

"I have to say I am really, really excited, shocked and super stoked you guys were able to get my harness merged that fast. I will always be a customer for life to you guys with all my future projects. I want to thank Brian and the team for everything!!! I'm speechless and can't believe this was done in 3 business days. I promise I will send pictures of the finished Forester SF5 project with the JDM EJ205 swap. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!"

"I wanted to follow up on my order and say thank you. I’ve been around automotive electrics for ~15 years now and these harnesses are probably the best off the shelf wiring I’ve seen. Tefzel wires, factory color wires, (Cleanly) potted connectors, perfect fit connectors, real dr-25, double walled heat shrink on the ends of the cables. Super nice and I can see why people sing your praises."

"I couldn’t have merged the harnesses without you guys not unless I got a course or something from iwire. I appreciate your guy’s business and thanks for everything I’ll definitely recommend you guys to anyone I know."