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2004+ STi Subarus, 2006+ WRX Subarus, or 2005-2006 Baja Subaru swaps in a 93-01 body require an adapter bracket in order for the drive by wire (DBW) pedal to mount to the chassis. Our adapter bracket will eliminate this hassle from the swap process.

Our Version 2 pedal is the same quality and improved heel/toe action but is now compatible with pedals from 2004-2007 STi, 2006-2007 WRX, 2006-2007 Forester, 2008+ Impreza Subarus! 

We took the additional step to improve heel/toe action by moving the throttle pedal closer to the brake pedal as well as raising it off the floor slightly. It is designed to fit in all non DBW chassis from 1993-2005. NOTE: For 2004-2006 STi the carpet tie down trim piece must be installed for the pedal to not throw a pedal outside of range code.

Adapter plate shipped with flush mounting screws to mount the bracket to the chassis. The OEM bolts from the old cable throttle can be used to mount the new pedal to the bracket. 

Even people that already have the OEM style adapter bracket may consider purchasing ours as an upgrade!

Compatible Cars:
Left Hand Drive - Cable Throttle Chassis converting to Drive-by-Wire
1993-2004 Impreza/OBS
1993-2004 Legacy/Outback
1998-2004 Forester (non XT)
2002-2005 WRX
2004-2006 Baja (non XT)

Fitment Notes:
Only works for Left Hand Drive (LHD) cars only!
Does not work for drive by wire to cable throttle conversions. For more information about this, please click here.


Customer Review - Damian C.

Was so exited to get home and find my package in the mail as Brian promised.. Installed it and took my rsti for a drive. For the very first time I was able to give the car full throttle and reach max boost (14psi car is stock) and didn't go into Limp mode with fault codes. My 2 minute test drive turned into 30 minutes of spirited driving. Thanks iWire. This simple adapter plate made a world of difference and it sits perfect for a little heel/toe action. I highly recommend this if doing GC to GD swap. Don't bother with that DIY crap.


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