AEM Wideband X Line Series with iWire PnP


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April 2022. With Cobb's Green Speed Update this product can no longer but utilized with the Accessport. However if you are using alternative tuning software it can work to data log the wideband input.

Yep, it's That Easy to Install

The AEM Inline Wideband Kit with iWire Plug and Play harness is so simple to install you may not even need opposable thumbs to do it. Even after you've spent hours hunting the web for what power wire to tap into or how to run the cables, none of it makes sense, and you're more confused than when you started. With our kit and a few minutes of your time (you don't even have to run wires through the firewall), you'll be logging your wideband information in a flash.

Compatible Cars:

2002-2005 WRX: Wideband works with this car for data logging the raw value (will need to be converted from voltage to AFR outside of the AP) and gauge display on the AP will be the raw value of 0-5 volt as well.
2006-2014 WRX
2004-2021 STI
2004-2013 Forester XT
2005-2012 Legacy GT
2005-2009 Outback XT

Fitment Notes:

Click here for our Wideband with Gauge. 

This product is compatible with the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit.

Unfortunately iWire cannot sell the plug and play wiring separately from the unit because the wiring harness of the unit must be modified in house.