DBW Throttle Body Extension


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Stop yanking on that throttle body connector!

iWire's Drive by Wire throttle body extension harness makes any modification that changes the location of the throttle body as simple as plugging it in. Built to "iWire Spec," we use the highest quality military grade materials, including Tefzel and Raychem, to ensure it withstands the engine bay's challenging environment.

Compatible Cars:
2004-2021 Impreza
2004-2013 Forester
2004-2013 Forester XT
2005-2021 Legacy
2005-2021 Legacy GT
2005-2021 Outback
2005-2021 Outback XT
2005-2021 STI
2006-2014 WRX
2013-2021 BRZ

Fitment Notes:
The harness is 12 inches long.