Fuel Pump Controller Hardwire Kit for Radium Hangers - Double Pump


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FPC Hardwire Kit Update – Standard Kit Delayed Until September

We received some bad news that our missing relay/fuse module that was supposed to be received at the end of July has now been pushed back to the end of September. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible so we thought we would explain the reason for the delay:

Only one factory makes the relay/fuse box we use for our standard FPC Kit. They are having material shortages due to the rare earth assets stuck in Ukraine and the rising cost of oil.  

 The Good News – Revised Kits Are Available Now!!!

If you are ready to finish your project, then this version of our FPC Hardwire Kit is for you! We’ve found an alternative solution with a separate fuse and relay box (picture on the next slide). The kit works exactly the same as before with a slight change in how you mount the fuse box and relay box since they are two individual parts instead of a single part. The rest of the wiring kit installs and works exactly as it did before including the tuning and fuel pump controller duty cycle. The kit still works with all standard pump setups from single in-tank to dual pump Radium hangers.

Seamless Integration With Your Radium Hanger

You've just installed your brand new Radium hanger with its two glorious pumps. Now you're ready for "all the fuel in the world," but at that moment, you realize that the connectors don't match up. In fact, this hanger doesn't even have a connector at all. STOP! DON'T CUT ANYTHING! Our iWire Plug and Play Hardwire kit has you covered to adapt the stock connector to the ring terminals found on the Radium hanger for fuel level and temp. In addition, we also have you covered to quickly setup up for the primary and secondary pumps as well!


Two Pumps are Better Than One, But Two Pumps ARE a Lot of Fuel
A staged fuel system (primary and secondary pumps) is a critical component to making power and having a very streetable car. If the two pumps are running at full blast, the fuel system will be over-pressurized, which makes it difficult for tuners to get your car to run smoothly. We create the ideal staged setup by retaining the primary pump functionality from the factory with the all-important low, medium, and high settings. These settings help maintain consistent fuel pressure when idling and cruising. When the boost kicks in, the secondary pump activates with the manifold pressure switch (Pressure Switch Add-On in the drop downs) so that you never run out of fuel.


Not all Hardwire Kits are Created Equal
We have thought of every component needed to make sure your installation is a simple as it can be and handle anything you throw at it. While other kits are cheaper, they are just a fuse and relay. These DIY kits leave you all the pain to figure out how to run the harness, connect the wires, and get the pumps to work right. Even if you managed to figure it all out, you're still left with the nagging concern of a weak connection causing the pump to cut out at the very worst possible moment. 


Fitment Notes:

Click here to watch our FPC Hardwire Install Video!

We generally do not recommend a 500+ LPH pump, but if you are we recommend adding on our upgraded Fuel Pump Controller that can handle the extra power. Click here to learn more about this issue.

Standard kit does not work with 2015+ WRX and 2014+ Forester due to Fuel Pump Controller Design. Please contact us for current solutions we offer.



Installation or use of any iWire product by a user is at the user’s own risk. iWire accepts no liability for any damage to the car or individual. Modifying the fuel tank can be dangerous. iWire recommends that all products, especially those regarding the fuel system, be installed by a licensed professional. By purchasing this product, you accept these terms of sale.