AVCS Wiring Information

What is AVCS?

AVCS stands for Active Valve Control System. Basically AVCS adjusts the valve position in the engine. By manipulating the valves you effect the air flow through the engine. Optimal air flow leads to more power, and isn't that what we all want?

Why would I install AVCS?

An AVCS Kit is a fantastic upgrade to an 02-05 USDM WRX is swapping in a 01-05 JDM WRX or STi because not only are they more powerful, but they are plug and play with the stock wiring harness. The only difference is that the JDM engines have extra wires to control the Active Valve Control System (AVCS) which is the key to the better performance found with these JDM engines. For this feature to be activated, the ECU needs to communicate with the engine. Choose one of our iWire AVCS kits that are simple to install and will help you get the best performance out of your new upgrade as possible!

Which AVCS Kit is right for me?

  • iWire Bulkhead AVCS Kit: This kit is designed for use with a complete JDM engine with wiring attached. This kit is also available with plug and play options.

  • iWire Bulkhead AVCS Kit with Pre Wired Engine Adapters: This kit is the same as our Bulkhead Kit but includes engine plugs that are pre pinned for you making this a nearly Plug and Play option!

  • iWire Full AVCS Kit: Recommended for those with just an AVCS equipped long block or heads and no matching intake manifold with wiring harness. It includes wiring for both the bulkhead harness and engine harness.