AEM Wideband X-Line Series with Gauge with iWire PnP


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A Gauge for You and Logging for Your Tuner

If you’re filling out that gauge pod, a wideband would be a great choice because it’s an excellent way for you to quickly check how well the engine is running while on the road. The trouble is that a visual display isn’t helpful for your tuner. They’ll need to see Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) information in context with the rest of the critical engine data to get and keep your car running at peak performance. Our iWire Spec modifications to the wideband kit factor in simultaneous logging and display with a simple plug and play install.


Stop Hunting the Web for How to Wire Your Wideband

We’ve all been at the point where your eyes are red, and your brain is mush after reading a bunch of posts about different ways people have wired up their AEM wideband gauge. The cars are always different, and the wires don’t match up. Instead of wasting your time with all the hunting around on the web and still being unsure, just run a couple of wires from the engine bay into the cabin, and plug them in. You’ll be “widebanding” in no time!


I Have a Factory Front Oxygen (02) Sensor. Isn't This Enough for Tuning?

Unfortunately, no. The front O2 sensor (the one in the header) is sometimes considered a wideband sensor. Still, it technically doesn't have a wide enough range for proper tuning. It will stay in the car for ECU to function properly, but the factory sensor's lack of accurate Air/Fuel metering leaves a need for an additional upgraded wideband sensor so that your tuner can safely calibrate the car whether in person or remotely.


Looking for our Wideband Kit without the Gauge? Click Here

This product is compatible with the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit.

Gauge size is 52mm.

Compatible Cars:
2002-2014 WRX
2004-2021 STi
2004-2013 Forester XT
2005-2012 Legacy GT
2005-2009 Outback XT

Full install video of our Wideband with Gauge can be found here -

AEM Part Number 30-0300

Please Note: We cannot sell the plug and play wiring separately from the unit. We need the wideband unit in house to modify it to make it easier to install.