AVCS Intake Manifold Kit


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Don't worry if the JDM engine you bought has a cut harness or you purchased a DBW Forester model. Use your original 2002-2005 WRX intake manifold harness and add our AVCS Intake Kit.

When Would I Need This?
The AVCS Intake Kit will be necessary to get the AVCS working if you are running the USDM 2002-2005 WRX intake manifold harness (engine harness) with your JDM 205/207 engine. Some typical situations are below.

  • Ā The most common scenario is purchasing a JDM 205/207 engine with a cut harness. The most straightforward fix is to use your original 2002-2005 WRX intake manifold harness to replace the cut JDM harness. Please click hereĀ for more information about AVCS.

  • Another typical situation is purchasing a DBW Forester engine (EJ205 engine with electronic throttle). The simplest solution here is to swap your original WRX intake manifold and harness over to the new engine. That will convert the engine back to cable throttle so you can run it without significant modifications to your WRX. From there, you can add in our Intake AVCS wiring kit. Please click hereĀ for more EJ205 differences.

  • Any situation where a USDM Intake Harness is attached to a JDM engine with 2 wire intake camshaft position sensors.

The AVCS Intake Kit Requires the AVCS Bulkhead Kit to Work Properly.
Our Intake AVCS Kit solves the problem of getting the wiring from the AVCS sensors and solenoids on the engine to the main plugs on the engine side that connect to the body wiring. If you have not already purchased the AVCS Bulkhead Kit, you will need to because the AVCS Bulkhead Kit will get the wiring from the ECU out to the main engine plugs on the body side that connect to the engine where it'll meet up with the AVCS Intake Kit

Compatible Cars:
2002 EJ205 (USDM WRX) with JDM V7-V9 205/207 Engine
2003 EJ205 (USDM WRX) with JDM V7-V9 205/207 Engine
2004 EJ205 (USDM WRX) with JDM V7-V9 205/207 Engine
2005 EJ205 (USDM WRX) with JDM V7-V9 205/207 Engine

Fitment Notes:

Fitments apply to manual applications only. There are some differences in the auto setup between USDM and JDM models, so we can't confirm all USDM auto transmission computers will work with all JDM ECUs.

The USDM WRX ECUs do not have the hardware to control the AVCS. To get this feature to work, you must swap to the JDM ECU.

Required additional harness for this kit to work
Bulkhead AVCS Kit