Boost Controller Extension


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Boost controller relocations made simple!

Installing an aftermarket boost controller like a Cobb or Grimmspeed, and the harness doesn't reach? Then purchase the iWire Boost Controller Extension! Plug in the two connectors and get the added length you need to finish your installation. Great for cars with rotated turbo setups. 

The extension harness is made to iWire Spec with high-quality Raychem and Tefzel to withstand the harsh engine bay environment while maintaining that sleek tucked look.

Compatible Cars:
2002+ WRX
2004+ STi
2005+ Legacy GT
2005+ Outback XT
2004+ Forester XT

FOR HONDA CIVIC FK8 2017-2021 - P0035 Code click this link.

Fitment Notes:

The length is 18 inches long. 

If you need a longer extension harness, please contact us.