Fuel Pump Controller Hardwire Kit for FA WRX


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Calling all FA WRX Owners, it's time to join the fueling fiesta with our upgraded hardwire kit!

This sleek, easy-to-use kit includes everything you need to hardwire your fuel pump, saving you time and hassle. No more swearing at tangled wires! Upgrade your 2015-2023 WRX without the headache.

Why is This Kit Different From the Other Hardwire Kits You Offer?

The FA model's fuel system differs greatly from the EJ Model due to the High-Pressure fuel pump on the engine that feeds the direct injection system. It also has a different fuel pump controller setup than the EJ. The challenge is that the FA fuel pump controller regulates power from the power side instead of the ground side, so we have to make a few decisions around that change to get the most out of this fuel system.

So, What Are the Concerns With Upgrading the Fuel System on the FA WRXs?

Due to the direction injection system, the in-tank fuel pump feeds the High-Pressure pump, which is not as demanding on the fuel pump as the EJ models. Even if this demand is not as great, upgrading the fuel pump still strains the stock electrical system because it was not designed for this upgrade. We commonly see pumps burn out the hanger, just like the EJ models.

How Is the FA Kit Setup Different from the EJ Kit?

All FA model hardwire kits are built to run 2 fuel pumps since that is where we see the most benefit for upgrading the fuel system wiring. If you opt not to run the secondary pump, you'll have additional wires ready when you need them. You can purchase a kit built for an OEM hanger single pump that will come with the bypass stud kit (the same as what is found on the EJ kits). If you have the Radium Single or Radium Double pump hanger, that kit will come with the fuel level adapter harness.

The 2-pump setups will use 2 fuel pump controllers (purchased separately) instead of the pressure switch for the secondary pump.

If you have our iWire Battery Relocation Kit, Add Our iWire Hardwire Kit to the iWire Battery Relocation Adapter Cable to your order.

Compatible Cars:
2015-2024 WRX

Fitment Notes:
For 2-pump setups, you must purchase an additional fuel pump controller.

  • 22648AA200 and 22648AA220

These are built in-house, so it may take up to 10 days to process the order.