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Do you own a Subaru? Then you need the iWire Grounding Kit!

Grounding Issues Come From Just About Everywhere
The ECU gets its grounds from the engine, so making sure that the engine is solidly grounded can eliminate all sorts of troubles. Some everyday situations where the grounding needs to be addressed are:

  • You drive a Subaru (they aren't well grounded from the factory)
  • Random misfires
  • Sensors not functioning properly
  • TGV deletes
  • Manifold/Phenolic spacers
  • Painted intake manifold
  • Transmission swap or clutch job and the ground strap was not installed or broken in the process
  • Old worn-out cables
Eliminating Variables Is The Key to Diagnosing Problems
Pesky problems are not solved by throwing more parts at a car but by eliminating the causes of the problem. More often than not, we find that grounding is a root cause for other symptoms. Removing the grounding as a variable will solve the problem or, at minimum, eliminate that as the issue and help make the car run a bit more efficiently.

How Does this Grounding Kit Work?
The kit is designed to maximize the ECU/engine ground circuit in the cleanest possible way. We construct the harness with a flame-retardant and abrasion-resistant fiberglass sleeve, so you can safely route the harness however you like on the engine. The components listed below are where the harness is designed to tie into because these points are critical to a well rounded grounding system.

  • Chassis where the battery ground strap is attached
  • Engine block
  • Alternator housing
  • Intake manifold
  • Metal manifolds get bolted to the upper portion
  • Plastic manifolds get bolted to the TGV block

Compatible Cars:
All Subaru Models

Fitment Notes:
We designed this kit with plenty of length so it can be routed and mounted just about however you like for any Subaru.

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