Haltech IC-7 Digital Dash Adapter Harness


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That new Haltech IC-7 Digital Dash looks slick, but I just got a box of spaghetti with it. Now what?

Make your life easier with the iWire IC-7 Digital Dash Adapter Harness! This plug-and-play harness streamlines the installation process and saves you time and hassle. Say goodbye to complicated and hello to simple. (You're welcome.)

Can't I Just Plug in the CANbus Cable That Came With My IC-7?

The Haltech-supplied CANbus harness provides basic power, ground, and ECU communication, but that's where the simplicity ends. Removing the cluster will cause issues with the alternator circuit, preventing the car from charging. Our easy installation will get the alternator working again and set you up to display fuel level, parking brake position, high-beam indicator, and turn signals.

What Does the Adapter Harness Do?

The adapter harness will handle all standard connections between the chassis and the new dash. These include:

  • Alternator Charging Circuit
  • Parking Brake Light
  • High-beam Light
  • Turn Signals
  • Fuel Level
  • Updated CANbus Cable From Dash to ECU
  • Expansion Connector For Dash Inputs (AVIs, Signal Ground, 5v, etc.)
  • Expansion Connector for Stock Cluster Outputs (Oil Pressure, Coolant Temp, Tach, Ground, Power, etc.) 

How does the Fuel Level Work?

Connect the Haltech Fuel Level conditioner to the "FLC" plug on the iWire harness and calibrate it through the Haltech IC-7 software. The FLC serves to mimic the circuit that is lost when the cluster is removed, ensuring accurate readings.

Compatible Cars:
1999-2007 Impreza (Non Turbo)
2008-2021 WRX
2004-2021 STi

Fitment Notes:
It does not include Haltech IC-7 Digital Dash
2002-2007 Models (all types) are plug and play
2008+ models (all types) require tapping four wires at the body module because these are CANbus signals only at the gauge cluster. Directions for this are provided.

These are built in-house say it may take up to 7 days to process the order.

Installation Instructions:
Digital Dash Adapter Harness 2002-2007 Models
Digital Dash Adapter Harness 2008-2014 Models
Digital Dash Adapter Harness 2015-2021 Models