MAF Extension Harness


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Having strange issues with your car after installing an aftermarket intake? Are you doing a custom setup and the harness no longer reaches? Then the iWire MAF Extension Harness is perfect for you!

iWire's upgraded MAF Extension harness utilizes high quality Tefzel wire and Raychem DR-25 heat shrink to ensure the extension harness can withstand the harshest enviornments and provide the most accurate signal to the engine computer as possible. Standard extension harness is 24 inches long. 

Compatible Cars:
2008-2021 Impreza (Includes Outback Sport)
2008-2021 STI
2008-2021 WRX
2009-2021 Forester
2009-2021 Forester XT
2010-2012 Legacy
2010-2012 Legacy GT
2010-2012 Outback
2010-2012 Outback XT
2013-2021 Crosstrek