Outside Air Temperature Receptacle A


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Outside Air Temperature Sensor Receptacle A.

Alternative Part Names: Outside Air Temperature Receptacle; Ambient Air Temp Sensor Receptacle; Outside Ambient Temp Sensor Receptacle; Connector F78 on Subaru wiring diagrams.

Subaru Reference Part Numbers: 73730AE07A, 73730AE07B

Compatible Cars:
2001-2004 Legacy
2001-2004 Legacy GT
2001-2004 Outback
2001-2004 Outback XT
2003-2006 Baja
2003-2006 Baja XT

Looking for the matching Outside Air Temp Plug

Housing Only = Connector only and lock (if applicable).
Connector Kit = Connector with loose terminals and seals. 
Pigtail = Prewired connector, includes 12 inches of wire per terminal.
Pigtail with Crimps = Our pigtail option with one butt connector (crimp) per wire for easy install, includes 12 inches of wire per terminal.