Radium Double Pump Add-On Kit


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We Warned You That You'd Be Back For Another Pump
Don't worry though, we've got your covered since you have already purchased our original hardwire kit. Just grab up this add-on and kit and you'll be double pumping in no time.


What Parts Do I Need to Make My Second Kit Work?
The kit comes with everything you need and plugs directly into your iWire single pump main harness. The secondary pump will run on a pressure switch so if you don't already have this please add the pressure switch to your cart.

Kit Includes:

  • Jumper to adapt single pump kit to Radium hanger for fuel pump power and ground
  • Jumper harness for secondary pump add-on to single hanger main harness
  • Jumper to connect OEM fuel hanger connector to Radium hanger for fuel level and fuel temperature
  • Second fuse to add to single pump fuse block
  • Pressure Switch (if selected)

If you have our iWire Battery Relocation Kit, Add Our iWire Hardwire Kit to the iWire Battery Relocation Adapter Cable to your order.

Fitment Notes:

This kit is only an add for single-pump iWire Hardwire Kits. It will not work with other kits and is not a stand-alone product.

If you do not have a hardwire kit and are looking for a two-pump kit, you'll want to purchase our Radium Dual Pump Hardwire kit, which includes this part.