Bucky's EJ205 Swapped RS Budget and Part Numbers

Bucky's EJ205 Swapped RS Budget and Part Numbers

Sep 7, '21

Below are the parts, part numbers, and price estimate of all of the pieces purchased for Bucky's 2001-2004 JDM EJ205 with AVCS and a cable throttle RS swap. Please note that this pricing is a rough estimate as you might get a buddy deal, find a used part, or reuse something you already have. In general, we recommend budgeting at least $5,000 for any Subaru swap. Huge shout out to Bucky Lasek for being a part of this project and for having such a clean RS chassis!

If you are trying to figure out which engine you have, watch this video - https://youtu.be/Ou0bGiqvTs4

Please note that iWire does not do the mechanical aspects for engine swaps. This was a one time project to help create online resources for DIYers. We're happy to help with any wiring aspects!

Check out Part 1 of this DIY swap video series here - https://youtu.be/RFW8sfuKp3M

The main parts we think are required before installing the engine because of the potential of serious issues if they fail are the timing components, valve cover gaskets, and spark plugs.

So when we started looking into Bucky's EJ205 we found that most of the vacuum hoses were fairly stiff and/or brittle. Although many people would just put the engine in as is most likely many of these hoses would eventually fail and cause issues so we choose to deal with them before installing the engine. We also ended up replacing a large number of connectors on the engine but this would be highly dependent on the history of your engine. iWire has replacement connector kits for the engine plugs that can be found here.

Whether you use iWire or a different wiring company, please do not skimp on this part. None of the cool mechanical parts will work if they don't plug in and talk to the ECU.

Here is the process to get your harnesses sent in - https://www.iwireservices.com/post/iwire-merge-process

Although we kept the RS transmission in the car the current clutch would not hold the power so we upgraded to an organic disc with a heavier pressure plate. This will be plenty for the power goals for the car while also being very driveable in all conditions. Pucked clutches can hold power but are generally going to be tougher to drive and harder on the transmission. The key to longevity of the 5 speed transmission is to let the clutch slip instead of slamming the power through the transmission. The fork and ball pivot were replaced because these are common sources of failure as well. The ball can get ground down and cause the fork to squeak then break. The NA radiator can definitely be used (or aftermarket for NA), but pathway for cooling is not as efficient so we have noticed they can overheat in traffic/slow driving which is why we switched to aftermarket aluminum radiator. Brand is personal preference and our adapter shroud will work with pretty much any radiator. The key here is slim fans because the engine bay is shorter and the upper hose will get cut open by the OEM fans if they are in place. If you go with an NA radiator and are having the overheating issues take a look at the cooling fan mod here.

Many of these components will come with the new engine especially if it's from a front clip, donor car, or company that is catering to swaps. We wanted to make sure we had all our bases covered so we bought a number of small bolts, nuts, and gaskets since iWire is not a mechanical shop that would have lots of spares lying around.

The last parts are just bits that get swapped over from the original car to keep those systems working correctly and a few bucks for fluids which will depend on which brand and quality you go with.

As you can see the total budget at retail pricing for this build is over $7,000 in parts alone. Obviously this is a bit higher because we bought a lot of spare parts and included a number of additional items that you may be able to find cheaper or will come with the engine you bought. That being said, our general answer to "how much does a swap cost?" is going to be no less than $5,000 so keep that in mind as you are budgeting.

If you have any questions, please contact the shop you plan to use for the swap or utilize the numerous online resources like forums.