Glossary of Subaru Terms and Acronyms

Glossary of Subaru Terms and Acronyms

Apr 15, '21

We've decided to compile a mini dictionary of common Subaru acronyms. If you think of any we missed, let us know!


ABS - Anti-Lock Braking System

A/F - Air Fuel (usually in relation to O2 sensors)

ALT - Alternator

AT - Automatic Transmission

ATM - Auto To Manual (refers to transmissions)

AVCS - Active Valve Control System (variable cam adjustment)

AVLS - Active Valve Lift System (on/off cam adjustment)

ADM - Australian market abbreviation

AWD - All Wheel Drive

AOS - Air Oil Seperator


BAR - Bureau of Automotive Repair (California Smog)

BOV - Blow Off Valve


CAN Bus - Controller Area Network Bus

CEL - Check Engine Light

CVT - Continuously Variable Transmission


DBW - Drive by Wire (Electronic Throttle)

DBC - Drive by Cable (Mechanical Throttle)

DCCD - Driver Controlled Center Differential

DAM - Dynamic Advance Multiplier

DIT - Direct Injected Turbo


EAT - Electronic Automatic Transmission (usually seen as 4EAT or 5EAT to describe 4 and 5 speed models)

ECT - Engine Coolant Temp

ECU - Engine Control Unit

EDM - European Domestic Market

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature

EJ205 - WRX Model with 2 liters of displacement

EJ207 - STi Model with 2 Liter of Displacement

EVAP - Evaporative Canister Plug

EZ30D - 01-04 Legacy 3.0 Liter 6 Cylinder Engine (cable throttle without AVLS)

EZ30R - 05+ Legacy 3.0 Liter 6 Cylinder Engine (drive by wire with AVCS/AVLS)

EZ36R - 08+ Tribeca and Legacy 6 Cylinder Engine (drive by wire with AVCS intake and exhaust)

EDM - European market abbreciation

EA - Older Generation Engine (Generally 91' and older)

EJ - Newer Generation Engine (Generally 92 and newer)

EG - Engine Code For SVX Model 6 Cylinders


FA/FB - Direct Injected Model Engines

F/B - Fuse Box

FOZ - Forester

FPC - Fuel Pump Controller

FXT - Forester XT

FMIC - Front Mount Intercooler

FML - F**K My Life - Common Scenario for This Feeling


GC - 1993-2001 Impreza

GD - 2002-2007 Impreza

GND - Ground

GR/GV - 2008 -2014 Impreza


H6 - Common Reference for flat 6 cylinder applications


IACV - Idle Air Control Valve

IAT - Intake Air Temperature

IMB - Immobilized


JDM - Japanese Domestic Market


LGT - Legacy GT

LHD - Left Hand Drive


MAF - Mass Air Flow

MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure

MFD - Multi-Function Display

MT - Manual Transmission (5MT or 6MT depending on the number of gears)


NA - Non Turbo

NPS - Neutral Position Switch


OBD2 - On Board Diagnostic

OBS - Outback Sport

OBXT - Outback Sport XT

OEM - Original Engine Manufacturer


PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PnP - Plug and Play

PDM - Power Distribution Module

PCD - Pitch Circle Diameter (Wheel bolt pattern IE 5x100)


RHD - Right Hand Drive


SD - Speed Density

SMJ - Super Multiple Junction (large wiring connection with a large bolt that holds it together)


TGV - Tumble Generator Valve

TMAP - Temperature and Map Sensor found on Direct Injected Models

TPS - Throttle Position Sensor

TCU - Transmission Control Unit (for automatic transmissions)

TMIC - Top Mount Intercooler


USDM - United States Domestic Market


VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor

VA - 2015+ Models


WHP - Wheel Horse Power


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