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How to Install a DCCD Controller on your Subaru

Apr 15, '21
This DIY Guide explains how to install a DCCD Controller on a Subaru using our easy to use adapters. Before beginning you will need to make sure your transmission is capable of accepting a DCCD Controller. To do this check what plug is coming out of the new Subaru transmission. Click here to learn more.

There are a few types of DCCD Controllers on the market but we recommend the DCCDPro. We sell PnP Kits for the DCCDPro controllers so if you are not good with wiring, check out those options.

If you already have your controller and are a DIY kind of person, then our DCCD Transmission Adapters are perfect for you! Just plug in the adapter to your transmission and tap three wires into your DCCD Controller of choice.


To install one of our transmission adapters, first connect the matching plug from the old transmission wiring coming from the body side (single 4 pin or 2 x 2 pins). Then plug in the 6 pin connector into your new transmission wiring. Next, run the 3 wires from the engine bay into the cabin to where the controller is. Finally, hook up the three wires (Red, Black and White) into your DCCD Controller using the provided crimps. Here is our Basic Crimp Guide for more information.

Red Wire - Power Output Wire. This wire provides power to your controller. You will not need to fed any other power to the controller, the adapter does that for you.

Black and White Wire - Signal Wires. These wires provide a signal output from the controller to the center differential. This is how the controller tells your center diff what to do.

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