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iWire's GC to GD Radiator Mounting Shroud for Subaru

Apr 15, '21


Did you know that iWire is not only one of the leading experts in Subaru wiring but we also make mechanical parts for your swap as well! One of the trickier aspects of a swap is mounting the new radiator into an old chassis. That is why we have created our iWire Radiator Shroud.

When installing a 2002 and newer radiator into a 1993-2001 (GC) Subaru chassis the radiator mounting points do not match up. Instead of drilling holes into the core support or using some other zip tie related method, use iWire's radiator shroud. Made with 6061 Aluminum, our adapter not only allows you to properly mount your radiator, it also functions as a shroud to help force air through the radiator instead of around it to improve cooling.

Installing your radiator becomes as simple as swapping the bushings and clips for the hood prop from the old brackets on the adapter and bolting it to the car.

Please Note our radiator fits OEM, Koyo, and Mishimoto radiators. Test fitment is required for other brands.

One happy customer said. "The iWire adapter is awesome quality, would recommend this and the gas pedal adpater bracket also."

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