Plug Spotlight - Coil Pack Plugs

Plug Spotlight - Coil Pack Plugs

Apr 15, '21

Subaru Black and White Coil Pack Replacement Plugs






What It Does: The coil pack plug attaches to, you guessed it, the coil pack. This gives a signal which triggers your spark plug to fire.


Cars It Works On: All EJ turbo and EZ 6cyl Subaru models from 2002-2010 including Impreza WRX, Impreza STi, Forester XT, Tribeca, and Legacy. Also great for EJ20G to modern coil pack conversions. We also carry coils for most modern FA platforms as well.


How to Know if you Have an Issue: Some misfires are easier to diagnose than others. First step, check your connectors. With a simple visual inspection it would be easy to spot a cracked, broken, or disintegrating coil pack plug that could be the issue and should be replaced.


Note: White coil pack plugs (cylinders 1 and 2) are located in the front of your Subaru and Black coil pack plugs (cylinder 3 and 4) are located in the back of your Subaru.


Watch iWire's How To Video on Replacing a Coil Pack Plug

White Coil Pack Plug Replacements

Black Coil Pack Plug Replacements

Grey Coil Pack Plug Replacements

FA Coil Pack Pack Plug Replacements

FA  Alternate Coil Pack Plug Replacements

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