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Plug Spotlight - DCCD Plugs

Apr 15, '21

There are a few options for DCCD Controllers in a Subaru but what stays standard between controllers is the plugs. Don't go to the junkyard or splice in a corroded connector, purchase a new plug. It's always best to install new parts instead of used parts since they are more reliable and take out unknown factors during troubleshooting.


We've listed a few of the common plugs our customers purchase when doing a DCCD install. If you would like to purchase a part, just click on that picture. If you don't want to do any of the wiring, check out our Plug and Play DCCD Controllers.

Click the pictures below for the link to the product on our website.


DCCD Roller Switch Plug

If you have one of these switches you will want this plug.



DCCD Auto/Manual Button

If you have one of these switches you will want this matching plug.





2008+ DCCD SI Drive Controls

If you have one of these controls you will want the matching plug and receptacle.








DCCD Transmission Plug and Receptacle

If you transmission did not come with wiring or just has an old connector you will want one of these plugs. You can also purchase our Plug and Play transmission adapters to save yourself some time.





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