Subaru Camshaft vs Crankshaft Plug

Subaru Camshaft vs Crankshaft Plug

Apr 15, '21
The camshaft and crankshaft connectors for non drive by wire engines (EX. 02-05 USDM WRX) are the some of the most common plugs on our website that customers have difficultly identifying, so we decided to do a quick breakdown to help.
Location of Sensor: The crankshaft sensor is the one sitting right above the crank pulley and directly below the alternator in the center of the engine while the camshaft position sensor sits on the driver's side head right below the oil filler neck.

Keyways on Plugs: The best way to identify the camshaft vs crankshaft plug are the keyways on the plug. Keyways refer to the parts of the plug and receptacle that slide into each other and lock together. The camshaft plug has low keyways and the crankshaft plug has high keyways.



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*please note these are for Non DBW cars only. If you have a DBW car, you would need the 3 pin camshaft plug, while the crankshaft connector would be the same.

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