Terminal Order on a Subaru Plug

Terminal Order on a Subaru Plug

Apr 15, '21
This DIY guide on Subaru wiring describes the basic breakdown of how to "read" a Subaru plug. The correct terminal order when pinning and depinning a Subaru connector is very important because the wires need to go into the correct slot on the connector for the wiring to be successful. Going by color of the wire alone can lead down a dark path.... Instead, go by pin location first and then use color to confirm.

If the wiring is mixed up, the sensor or module that the connector is attached to will input/output incorrectly which at minimum will cause issues with that system and at worst cause permanent damage to the sensor or module. Below are some pictures of common plugs and how to read them.

In general, look at the front of the plug (terminal side not wire side) with the locking tab on top and read it left to right for numbering. One additional thing to note is that it is in the opposite order from the back.




With a two-tier plug, the same reading rule applies from left to right and then go to the next row from left to right. It's similar to how a book is read, left to right and then moving down to the next sentence.Subaru TGV Plug


Of course it is Subaru wiring so there always some exceptions but for the most part it is that simple! iWire recommends using wiring diagrams for all wiring projects to ensure the correct placement of each terminal. That way their are no electrical pixies down the road. If you need any Subaru connectors, terminals, or seals feel free to Contact Us!


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