What is DCCD?

What is DCCD?

Apr 15, '21
What is DCCD?

DCCD stands for Driver Controlled Center Differential. Explanations for this system are complex and tend to go about like this.

If we put aside the highly technical specifics (and semantics), the core concept is that a DCCD-equipped transmission can adjust the power distribution between the front and rear wheels to allow the car to perform better in any situation. Without a DCCD controller, the differential has nothing to tell it what to do, so it will default to a fixed setting that sends more power to the rear than the front.​ More about DCCD controllers in our next post.

If you are looking at the differences between an OEM and an aftermarket controller, please click here.

Click here for an excellent guide for our DCCD kit that details how it works on the road!

Here are two great resources for those who want to understand how the DCCD system works in depth.
How do I know if my transmission came equipped with DCCD?
​​Having a transmission with six gears doesn't mean it came with DCCD. Conversely, just because the transmission has five gears doesn't preclude the transmission from having DCCD. Take a look at the plug on the top of the transmission and see which style of plug it matches.

Why would I want to upgrade to a DCCD Transmission?

Please use our Buying Guide to determine which controller is the best for you.