DCCD Information

What is DCCD?

DCCD stands for Driver Controlled Center Differential. Explanations for this system are complex and tend to go about like this:

If we put aside the highly technical specifics (and semantics), the core concept is that a DCCD equipped transmission can adjust the distribution of power between front and rear wheels to allow the car to perform better in any situation. Without a DCCD controller, the differential doesn't have anything to tell it what to do, so it will default to a fixed setting that sends more power to the rear than front.

Why do I need a controller?

  • Longevity – A lack of electronic input can lead to reduced life for your transmission. The center differential was designed from the factory to utilize these inputs and without them the mechanical parts in the differential must work harder, leading to more wear and tear

  • Performance – The DCCDPro will help you corner faster, get through snow/ice/mud easier, and of course, make donuts effortless. It does this by adjusting the center differential to suit the conditions based on inputs like acceleration, braking, and how hard you are turning.

  • Dyno Tuning – Many dynamometers (dyno) require all 4 wheels to spin at the same rate. As mentioned above, without input, the center differential will default to a rear wheel bias which means the dyno can’t function properly and you will not be able to have your car tuned until the problem is fixed. Not only will you lose the time (many tuners are booked out months in advance) but potentially the cost for the setup time.

  • Upgrade Over Stock - Even if you already have a car that came from the factory with a DCCD equipped transmission and controller, an aftermarket controller can give you more features. The DCCDPro comes with options to tune the controller to your needs as well as an additional input to utilize Left Foot Braking.

How do I know if my transmission came equipped with DCCD?

Just having a transmission with 6 gears doesn't mean it came with DCCD. Conversely, just because the transmission has 5 gears doesn't preclude the transmission from having DCCD. Take a look at the plug on the top of the transmission and see which style of plug to the right it matches.

DCCD Equipped

NON DCCD Equipped

Which DCCD Controller is right for me?

It all depends on your project so check out our options and get more information on our DCCDPro Products Page!