iWire Hardwire Kit to iWire Battery Relocation Adapter Cable


SKU: PP-BTHB001 iWire Subaru Wiring Solutions

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If you have purchased our Hardwire Kit and Battery Relocation Kit, this cable will connect them together.  It's that easy, so that's all we have on this one.


What do I need to know about combining the kits together?

This cable will run directly from the CB AUX post on the Battery Relocation Kit circuit breaker to the fuse box on the Hardwire Kit, eliminating the circuit breaker with red boot from the Hardwire Kit.

When combining the Battery Relocation Kit and Hardwire Kit, utilize the larger gauge from the battery relocation kit to run from the front of the car to the back.


Fitment Notes:
Only designed to work with iWire Hardwire Kits and iWire Battery Relocation Kits