Battery Relocation Kit


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Stop playing with cheap stereo cables and ill-conceived components for your battery relocation kit.

iWire has designed a simple solution with all the necessary parts for a safe and reliable battery relocation. Just grab your battery of choice with the appropriate mount (iWire does not include a battery or tray) and use our harness to bring it all together!

Why would I relocate the battery?

There are many reasons someone would relocate the battery, ranging from creating room in the engine bay for front-mount intercooler piping, weight balance, or just making the engine bay look a little tidier.

We created a way for anyone to do this on their own

Yes, battery cables can be scary, but we’ve made it as simple as matching up the labels on the wire to the correct locations.

Large gauge cable is really hard to work with!

Don’t bother grabbing that low-quality cable (we see that stereo cable in there) and trying to splice it together with inadequate tools. With our kit, there is no cutting, crimping, or splicing of any kind. Just unbolt the original cables in the car and put ours in place.

The battery is not just there for power, it’s there for grounding too!

Without grounding, a battery relocation may create more problems than it solves. The issue stems from the fact the battery smooths out the power output from the alternator, and we need to make sure the battery still touches the intake manifold so that the ECU that gets its ground from the manifold still gets that important grounding.

We thought of everything.

The kit includes a bolt-on bracket to hold the power stud in the engine bay and a meeting point for the grounding strap from the battery to the ground kit. In the rear, there is a manually resettable circuit breaker to protect your battery. If you plan on leaving the car sitting for an extended period of time, you can easily disconnect the battery from the car to avoid the slow drain of modern electronics even when the key is out of the ignition.

iWire Grounding Kit - An iWire Grounding Kit is essential for this Battery Relocation Kit to work properly. If you already have one, you are all set. If you need one we've packaged these two items together for a $50 savings!

If you have our iWire Hardwire Kit Add Our iWire Hardwire Kit to iWire Battery Relocation Adapter Cable to your order.



Compatible Cars:
All Subaru Model and Years

Fitment Notes:


FA Platform models (IE 15+ WRX) come with a battery sense wire and an extension to run it from the front to the back.

FA Platform models (IE 15+ WRX) also have electronic power steering that needs to be modified to keep it functioning. The instructions can be found by clicking here.


Installation or use of any iWire product by a user is at the user’s own risk. iWire accepts no liability for any damage to the car or individual. Modifying the battery system can be dangerous. iWire recommends that all products, especially those regarding the battery, be installed by a licensed professional. By purchasing this product, you accept these terms of sale.