Subaru Drive By Wire Pedal Types

Subaru Drive By Wire Pedal Types

Apr 15, '21


It may seem scary, but doing a swap to a drive by wire (electronic throttle) engine is no big deal and there are a lot of additional features that open up as a byproduct a swap like this. We take care of the wiring so all you have to do is bolt our adapter bracket to the chassis, bolt on the new pedal, and plug it in. Our new adapter works with the design changes for the 08+ pedals so no matter which pedal type, we have you covered.

A special note for 06 Baja Turbo owners and those with other pedal brackets! Ditch that OEM or inferior pedal adapter. Subaru used a generic adapter bracket for the 06 Baja models so they didn't have to change the bolt pattern on the firewall for the pedal, but they didn't take into account pedal feel. However, we did by adjusting placement (closer to brake pedal) and depth (raised to match brake pedal) to improve the ability to use techniques like heel/toe. Swap it out and enjoy the drive that much more!


Below are all of the different pedal styles our adapter works with

2004-2006 STi Pedals

2004-2006 STi Pedal for DBW Subaru Pedal
Note: This pedal does not have a built in stopper. Requires either OEM carpet tie down trim piece or stopper to keep pedal travel from going too far.



2006-2007 WRX | 2007 STi | 2006-2007 Forester Pedals



2008+ Impreza Pedals


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