What is Shielded Wire and How To Install It

What is Shielded Wire and How To Install It

Aug 16, '22

This blog post discusses the importance of shielded wires in your harness and shows you how to install a new pigtail with a shielded wire. 

What is a Shielded Wire?

A shielded wire is a signal wire that is protected from outside noise. We protect some signal wires because sometimes other cables around them create electrical noise that could most interfere with the signal wire we care about.

There is a metal mesh layer or exposed twisted wire (sometimes called a drain wire) around the signal wire. This additional wire gets grounded in the wiring harness, which helps keep the electrical noise out.

Shielded Wire Install


How to Install a Shielded Wire

The most important thing to note when repairing a shield wire is that the shield wire grounding DOES NOT touch the signal wire. If this happens, you will have issues because it will ground out your signal wire.

Check out our YouTube video below to watch our complete step-by-step install: