Auto to Manual Connector Package - Turbo Transmission


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iWire's Auto to Manual connector package for an Auto to Manual Transmission conversion groups all of the necessary plugs to make this DIY project super simple. A $100 value for only $69.99! All plugs are sold as a connector kit. 

Purchase either our Standard Kit for the basics or our Deluxe Kit which includes wire and crimps. 

Included in the Standard Kit:
Turbo Transmission Plug  


Included in the Deluxe Kit:
Turbo Transmission Plug
5 Ft - Red 20 GA TXL Wire
5 Ft - Black 18 GA TXL Wire
5 Ft - Green 12 GA TXL Wire
8 - 22-18 GA Splices with Glue Shrink
2 - 12-10 GA Splices with Glue Shrink

Starter Relay 

Please note that our DIY kits do not come with technical support, diagrams, or instructions. These kits are curated for experts who just require the materials, not the know how. iWire always recommends contacting a professional before starting any wiring projects. By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms of sale. 

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