Manual DCCDPro with iWire Plug and Play Wiring Harness for Subaru


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If you are looking for an entry-level DCCD controller, the DCCDPro Manual controller with iWire Plug and Play Kit may be just what you need.

DCCDPro Controller installation for your Subaru made simple!
The days of hunting under the dash to find a power wire or trying to figure out which wire to cut and splice into for your DCCD controller are over. iWire has created a plug-and-play harness to go with the DCCDPro Manual Controller. Just run the harness from the cabin to the engine bay, connect up our jumpers, and you'll be controlling your DCCD in no time! Click here for more about how DCCD works.

What's the difference between the Manual and Spiider Controller?
The manual controller is the entry-level unit with the basic features needed to adjust the center differential. You set the position based on your preferences, and it will stay in that setting unless you change it. The DCCDPro Spiider model has additional features like auto mode that adjusts on the fly and options for a visual display and connection to the 2008+ control panel type that the manual controller does not.

Compatible Cars:
Any model that started with a manual transmission or was converted correctly to run a manual transmission.

Fitment Notes:
Not sure which controller is suitable for you? Click here for our DCCD Controller Buying Guide or Contact Us.

Click hereĀ for complete DCCD installation instructions

This kit comes with theĀ DCCD transmissionĀ adapter included.


If you have a non-CANbus chassis (IE 2007 and older Impreza) and a 2008+ STi transmission, you will need a VSSPro to get the speed sensor working. Click here for the VSSPro with fitment notes.

Only for Manual Cars. The plug-and-play harness is not an auto-to-manual conversion solution!

DCCDPro Products have a 60 day warranty from the date of purchase.