Speed Density Wiring Kit


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With just two connector clicks, you'll be ready to tune your car on Speed Density with iWire's plug-and-play harness!

What the Heck is Speed Density, and Why Did my Tuner Recommend it?
Speed density quite simply is another way to estimate how much air is getting into your engine. Your tuner likely recommended our Speed Density harness because you have a larger turbo or at least make more power than stock. Often this scenario creates a situation where the stock MAF (airflow sensor) is less accurate. Switching to Speed Density will help the tuner get a more precise calculation of how much air is getting into your engine. We have a great in-depth post on iWire University to explain Speed Density and how it works.

Why Do I Need this Wiring Kit Instead of the Pigtail Included With My Sensor?
  • To wire the sensor correctly, you need the wiring diagrams for your car year and model to determine the pinout. Our harness plugs in and takes care of this for you.
  • We seal the cavities for the unused connections in the plug to prevent corrosion. The open plug or exposed leftover wires can wick water into the main harness causing severe damage.
  • Unprotected wire without proper sleeving can melt on the block or wear a hole in the wire due to normal engine vibration. We wrap our harness in military-grade Raychem DR25 for superior heat and abrasion resistance.
  • If you cut and splice, it becomes difficult to revert to stock.

Compatible Cars:
2002+ STi
2002-2014 WRX
2004-2014 Forester XT
2005 - 2012 Legacy GT
2005- 2012 Outback XT

Fitment Notes:

Length Differences
Front Mount Length = 48 inches
Top Mount Length = 36 inches

IAT Sensor
Our Speed Density Wiring Kit works with any 3/8" NPT IAT sensor. When adding on the IAT sensor from us we utilize the AEM Sensor with weld on bung AEM part number 30-2010.

Contact us about a wiring kit for the 1/8" NPT Thread Air Temperature Sensor found on AEM part number 30-2014.

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