Merge Services - 08 Plus

This Could be an Option For Your Project

If the basic setup matches your platform, you could use the long block and retain your original wiring with ECU. Please take a look at this post for more compatibility information.

For Single to Dual AVCS application (IE EJ20XY swap in a 08 WRX), please take a look here. 

Thank you again for your interest in using iWire.

This is a CANbus-equipped chassis which makes swapping difficult.

At this time, there are only two ways we would recommend moving forward. The first would be to take the entire harness from headlights to taillights of a similar year turbo version on your chassis (IE 08 WRX into 08 2.5i) and run a compatible engine for that platform. It would probably require a complete donor car to get all the parts you would need. The other would be to wire up a standalone ECU that can communicate with the CANbus system of the chassis and can run whichever engine you choose.

We know this sounds wild, given we are the “Subaru Swap Guys,” but with the complexities of the project, we would suggest at least considering purchasing the turbo car you are looking to build instead of swapping.

Note: iWire is no longer wiring projects that utilize a standalone ECU.

For more information on CANbus, please take a look here 

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you again for your interest in using iWire.

Engines from CANbus-equipped models are more challenging to swap, but we may be able to help. Below are the engines that fit this category.

2005-2012 Legacy GT
2005-2009 Outback XT
2008-2014 WRX
2008-2022 STi
2009-2013 Forester XT

JDM EJ20XY and V10 STi

To get this working, we'll utilize a compatible ECU (if possible) from a NON-CANbus-equipped car. More about this process can be found here.

If your engine is from a Dual AVCS equipped Model, we will use a NON-CANbus ECU as well, but the exhaust side AVCS will not be functional because the only models that came with Dual AVCS are also CANbus equipped.

Not sure what CANbus is? Click here.

Please contact us directly for more information about this type of swap.