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Did you feel that? That was the AVCS kicking in (YO) because you installed iWire's AVCS Bulkhead Kit with your new JDM WRX or STi engine!

Maximize the Performance of Your JDM V7-9 WRX or STi Engine by Activating the AVCS.
To get the most out of this engine, you will want the AVCS working to help spool the turbo lower in the RPM range and increase performance in higher RPMs. As mentioned, the 2001-2006 V7-9 JDM 205/207 engine plugs right into your 2002-2005 WRX. Assuming your USDM ECU has a map to address the differences, you could drive the car as is, but you'll be missing out on what makes these engines sing.

Scoping out that JDM V7-9 WRX or STi Engine for your 2002-2005 WRX?
These are great options for a replacement since they are a direct bolt-in and plug-and-play with your 2002-2005 WRX. You can ID these JDM engines quickly because they come with a cable throttle (like your WRX) and have an excellent additional feature called AVCS! Not sure if the engine you are looking at fits this criteria, click here

Is AVCS like VTEC?
Though both their purpose of increasing efficiency and performance is the same, the similarities end there. The "Active Valve Control System, " more commonly known as AVCS, allows the ECU to adjust when the valves open or close to optimize how the engine operates under different conditions. For a deeper dive into this, please click here.

The Basic Kit with Locks
Includes the replacement locks for the Cam Crank Knock (Orange Lock) and Main Engine Plug (White Lock). These locks commonly break when pinning the AVCS during installation, so iWire has included the locks at a reduced cost!

Compatible Cars:
2001-2006 JDM STI or WRX into 2002 EJ205 (USDM WRX)
2001-2006 JDM STI or WRX into 2003 EJ205 (USDM WRX)
2001-2006 JDM STI or WRX into 2004 EJ205 (USDM WRX)
2001-2006 JDM STI or WRX into 2005 EJ205 (USDM WRX)

Fitment Notes:

Does not fit RHD applications. Please email info@iwireusa.com for a custom harness.

Applies to manual applications only. There are some differences in the auto setup between USDM and JDM models and we can't confirm all USDM auto transmission computers will work with all JDM ECUs.

The USDM WRX ECUs do not have the hardware to control the AVCS. To get this feature to work, you must swap to the JDM ECU.

Click here for the Intake Manifold AVCS Kit
You'll want this in addition to the bulkhead kit if you're using the USDM Intake Manifold Harness on your JDM engine

This kit is for single AVCS (intake only) engines. Click here to learn more about Dual AVCS