Fuel Pump Controller Hardwire Kit for Radium Hangers - Single Pump


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The Fuel Pump Controller (FPC), Your Tuner's BFF

If you are sitting at a stoplight, the fuel demand is much less than full throttle at the track. Unlike other "hardwire kits," our kit keeps the FPC in place so the pump can deliver the appropriate amount of fuel for what the engine needs in any scenario. When you remove the FPC from the system, the pump runs at full blast, which leads to increased fuel temps (decreased horsepower) and overrunning the fuel pressure regulator (decreased drivability). Running a kit that removes the FPC will create a serious challenge for your tuner to deliver you a smooth-revving car that also makes the most power possible.


Why Can’t I Just Put My Upgraded Pump in the Stock Fuel Hanger?
The fuel level gauge might be tricking you because it displays the average amount of fuel between the two saddles. Suppose you put an upgraded pump in a stock hanger. In that case, you likely have most of the fuel on the wrong side of the saddle (non-pump side) because the siphon that equalizes this out isn’t working correctly. Radium has created an improved hanger that makes sure that fuel gets to the pump side of the tank and directs the fuel to fill up the basket that holds the pump to reduce the chances of fuel starvation.


Don’t Cut any Wires for Your Radium Hanger Install
We designed our Hardwire Kit to work specifically with your Radium Hanger to make for a seamless installation. We have addressed any potential concerns from an upgraded pump and the connection differences between Radium and Subaru. Our harness adapter makes connecting the Radium hanger painless, and you'll also have the confidence the wiring can handle anything you throw at it with its large gauge wire and easy-to-follow installation instructions.


You’ll Probably Need That Second Pump at Some Point
With our kit, you are prepped and ready at any point to add in that second pump when it’s time to go for more horsepower. Simply add on our Radium Double Pump Add-On Kit, and you’ll have as much fuel as you could possibly need.

If you have our iWire Battery Relocation Kit, Add Our iWire Hardwire Kit to the iWire Battery Relocation Adapter Cable to your order.

Fitment Notes:

We generally do not recommend a 500+ LPH pump, but if you are we, recommend looking into a different Fuel Pump Controller. Click here to learn more about this issue.

Standard kit does not work with 2015+ WRX and 2014+ Forester due to Fuel Pump Controller Design. Please contact us for current solutions we offer.


Installation or use of any iWire product by a user is at the user’s own risk. iWire accepts no liability for any damage to the car or individual. Modifying the fuel tank can be dangerous. iWire recommends that all products, especially those regarding the fuel system, be installed by a licensed professional. By purchasing this product, you accept these terms of sale.