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It's got the iWire stamp of approval so your resistance to add this to your tool kit will be futile.

What is a multimeter?

A multimeter is a tool for testing wiring. It can be used in many ways, but the most common in an automotive application is to test for power, ground, or contact between wires. 

Why would I need a multimeter?

A multimeter is a tool we recommend for anyone modifying or repairing their Subaru. It's a great way to test electrical inputs and verify your wiring is working as it should or help isolate variables when troubleshooting. 

How do I use a multimeter?

The multimeter will come with two leads called "test leads". One is red and intended to touch the positive or power wire. The other is black and used to touch the negative or ground wire. There are several settings to switch to on the meter itself depending on your application.

Additional Notes:

Comes with Multimeter and one set of test leads.

We include our preferred, upgraded test leads to probe the smallest terminals and work in the tightest spaces.