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Get the full STi experience with our Cluster Swap Harness. 

High quality and easy to install, this plug-and-play harness will have you feeling like a pro. Upgrade your ride with the simple addition of an 2004-2007 USDM STi cluster.

We've Created Our Own Connectors Where Factory Models Don't Exist.

Eliminate the hassle of cluster swapping with our custom-built connectors from iWire. Crafted by our team of experts, these connectors seamlessly attach to your 1999-2007 Impreza or Forester's original cluster harness. No more tedious soldering and potting of PCB connectors only intended for circuit board use.

What Comes with the Harness?

The conversion wiring covered in our harness lets you easily install an STi cluster into your Forester or Impreza. We also handle the Outside Air Temperature circuit and the reverse circuit for the ABS warning light, ensuring that the ABS light functions as intended. 

Compatible Clusters:
2002-2007 USDM WRX Cluster
2004-2007 USDM STi Clusters

Compatible Cars:
1999-2007 Impreza (non-turbo)
2002-2007 WRX
2001-2008 Forester (turbo and non-turbo)

Fitment Notes:
The outside air temperature sensor required is 73730FE010
When going from the non-STi cluster with incandescent bulbs to the STi with LEDs, you will lose the ability to adjust the display's brightness. It will be at full brightness.

These are built in-house, so it may take up to 10 days to process the order.

Due to the small changes from year to year, you must be sure which year the STi cluster is. If you are unsure, please look up the part number or email us so we can help you confirm.