2004-2007 STi Intercooler Splitter for 1998-2001 Impreza Hoods


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Don't let the air take the path of least resistance!

Once you swap your GC, it’s critical to make sure the air is forced through the intercooler to maximize its effectiveness which translates to the engine making more power because of more air flowing past the intercooler to cool down the air.

Our pursuit to build parts that bridge the gap between new and old
We have built an Intercooler Splitter with cutouts for optional water spray nozzles for 1998-2001 Impreza hoods. The splitter is designed to work with 2004-2007 STi Intercoolers. 

Watch us install our Intercooler Splitter on Bucky Lasek's Buckit! 


Compatible Cars:
1998-2001 Impreza with 2004 - 2007 STi Intercoolers

Fitment Notes:

JDM V7-9 Intercoolers
For those who are using this for a JDM V7-9 application, the USDM STi fitment is going to be pretty well. The distance from front to back of the JDM intercooler is a touch bigger than the USDM 04-07 STi  but not enough to cause any issues.

USDM 2008+ Intercoolers
The splitter will be the same from the front to the back but the passenger's side edge will not quite reach because these intercoolers are a bit wider than the 2004-2007 models. We feel that despite the small surface area where the airflow is not being directed, the intercooler will still be far more efficient at cooling than without a splitter.

JDM V1-6 Intercoolers and WRX Intercoolers
Unfortunately the splitter will be larger than the diameter of these intercoolers so it will not work with them.

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