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I just installed a new transmission. There was a plug that didn't have a home, my car won't rev past 4k or 5k RPMs, and it is throwing a speed sensor code. What is going on?!

What Is The Solution To My Issue?
The VSSPro with iWire Plug and Play kit utilizes a single wheel speed sensor (passenger's front) to convert the wheel speed signal and does not require the entire ABS system to be functional. This converted signal is something the older ECU and cluster can read. Our PnP kit will plug into that extra plug that went to the old speed sensor so that gauge cluster displays vehicle speed, the car revs all the way out, and the ECU code is gone.

The New Transmission Does Not Have a Speed Sensor Built Into It
Most transmissions available at this point come from 2005+ Legacy/Outback, 2008+ Impreza. or 2009+ Forester models (all CANbus based) that don't have vehicle speed sensors built into the transmission. The lack of a speed sensor in the transmission presents a problem in older cars (non CANbus based) like a 2002-2007 WRX. They require the mechanical gear built into the transmission that spins a sensor to create a standard analog electrical signal for the ECU and cluster to read vehicle speed.
Click here for more about speed sensor types.

What if I Have Broken Speedometer Gear in the Transmission?
Don't spend a fortune to pull the transmission, tear it apart, and replace the gear. Instead, just utilize the VSSPro and you'll be back to reading speed in no time for far less expense.

Compatible Cars (Chassis New Transmission Is Being Installed Into):
1999-2007 - Impreza
1999-2008 - Forester
1999-2008 Forester XT
1999-2004 - Legacy
1999-2004 Legacy GT
1999-2004 Outback
1999-2004 Outback XT
2002-2007 WRX
2003-2006 - Baja
2004-2007 STI

Fitment Notes:
Only for Manual Cars. This is not an auto to manual conversion solution.

Click here for installation instructions

This product only works for cars with 3 wire vehicle speed sensors. 98 and older models with either 2 wire or cable speed sensors must upgrade their gauge clusters to handle the 3 wire speed sensor or purchase a transmission with a built-in sensor.