iWire's Best Tips and Tricks for Automotive Wiring

Mar 10, '23

In this blog post we've curated all of our best tips and tricks for tackling your Subaru wiring or any automotive wiring. 

The most important tip is finding the correct wiring diagrams for your specific make, model and year car. All of the wiring information you need for repair or custom project can be found or figured out using the wiring diagram. 

Here's our most common Do's and Dont's for a successful car project - https://iwireusa.com/blogs/iwire-university/subaru-project-dos-and-donts

Follow the links below to learn more about each wiring aspect.  


- Subaru Pin Order - Click here for blog post.

- Male vs Female for Connectors and Terminals - Click here for blog post.


Types of Wire:

- Shield Wire



- How to Crimp a Terminal


- How to Install an iWire Pigtail with Crimps



- How to Depin a Standard Connector


- How to Depin Subaru ECU Connectors:


 - How to Depin Subaru Gauge Cluster Connectors: