Spiider DCCDPro Controller with iWire Plug and Play Wiring Harness for Subaru


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You've installed that new bulletproof STi 6 speed with DCCD. Now it's time to bring it to life with a DCCD controller.

A DCCD Controller unlocks the ultimate driving experience with your new transmission
You've done the hard work to install the new transmission, and now it's time to do maximize the incredible feature that comes with your new transmission, DCCD. The iWire Plug and Play kit turns the wiring from scariest part into the easiest part. Simply plug it in, no cutting required. The Spiider controller defaults to the auto setting that adjusts the center differential on the fly using a number of inputs like the G-sensor to get the most out of any driving situation. You'll have more control during unexpected events while cruising the highway and when it's time for fun activities like ripping donuts on closed courses, setting personal best lap times at the track, or sliding the car in the snow or dirt effortlessly (in sanctioned areas of course).  Click here to see the DCCD controller in action.

Why do I need a controller for the DCCD?
The Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD) transfers the power from the front to the rear. Without any input, the center differential (diff) defaults to rear-wheel bias between 60% to 70% depending on the transmission year. The rear-wheel bias reduces the ability of the car to handle well in many scenarios. In addition, this lack of input causes premature wear and tear on the center diff. If you want to put the car on a dyno, it may fry the center differential (like towing it on 2 wheels), or you may not be able to dyno the vehicle because the wheels will spin at a different rate, causing an error with the dyno. Click here for more about how DCCD works.

Can't I install the OEM controller I got with my transmission?
Unfortunately, no, but not to worry because the Spiider controller functions just like the OEM unit, if not better, and can utilize all of the same controls (button/roller and SI-Drive panel) and OEM STi cluster (up to 2007 models). The OEM DCCD controller won't work outside of the car it came from because it requires many complex inputs that more than likely don't even exist in your vehicle. These inputs may include yaw rate sensors, steering angle sensors ABS, or specific CANbus inputs. Click here for more about OEM and aftermarket controllers.

Compatible Cars:
Any model that started with a manual transmission or was converted correctly to run a manual transmission.

Fitment Notes:
Not sure which controller is suitable for you? Click here for our DCCD Controller Buying Guide or Contact Us.

Click here for complete DCCD installation instructions

This kit comes with the DCCD transmission adapter included.

If you have a non-CANbus chassis (IE 2007 and older Impreza) and a 2008+ STi transmission, you will need a VSSPro to get the speed sensor working. Click here for the VSSPro with fitment notes.

Only for Manual Cars. The plug-and-play harness is not an auto-to-manual conversion solution!

The controller features (display and control type) are set at the time of purchase and can't be added or changed after purchase.

DCCDPro Products have a 60 day warranty from the date of purchase.