Hybrid MAF Wiring Kit


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Don't limit your tuning options to Speed Density only. Utilize our Hybrid Harness for the best of both worlds!

Tuner Adaptability While on the Dyno
Every project is unique, so giving your tuner as many tools as possible to tune your vehicle will ensure you get the best result. Our Hybrid kit allows a tuner to decide mid-tune whether to run a Speed Density setup, MAF set up (with a more accurate air temperature input), or run a combination of the two depending on your specific application.

Why Would I Use this Kit Instead of Straight Speed Density?
The simplest factor to determine whether to go Speed Density or Hybrid is your current intake setup. If you have an intake with a MAF installed, we suggest going with the Hybrid. That way, you don't have an open MAF sensor sitting in the housing or spend extra on a part to cover the hole where the MAF used to sit. If you have an intake that doesn't have a slot for a MAF (IE most rotated turbo setups), then Speed Density would be the best route.

Compatible Cars:

2002+ STi
2002-2014 WRX
2004-2014 Forester XT
2005 - 2012 Legacy GT
2005- 2012 Outback XT

Fitment Notes:

Length Differences
Front Mount Length = 48 inches
Top Mount Length = 36 inches

IAT Sensor
Our Hybrid MAF Wiring Kit works with any 3/8" NPT IAT sensor. When adding on the IAT sensor from us we utilize the AEM Sensor with weld on bung AEM part number 30-2010.

Contact us about a wiring kit for the 1/8" NPT Thread Air Temperature Sensor found on AEM part number 30-2014.

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