GD and GR STi Intercooler Splitter for 1997-2001 Impreza Hoods

GD and GR STi Intercooler Splitter for 1997-2001 Impreza Hoods

Apr 15, '21

iWire's GD and GR STi Intercooler Splitter is designed for 1997-2001 Impreza Hoods. Also known as a Hood Undertray Air Diverter, our splitter is made with aluminum and helps force air through the intercooler to maximize it's effectiveness. Effective airflow translates to the engine making more power because of the colder air.

Our intercooler splitter is designed for stock STi intercoolers in stock STi engines. It will also work for WRX engines with STi intercoolers but may need a bit of adjustment for the correct fitment due to the small differences in each custom swap.

In our pursuit to build parts that bridge the gap between new and old, we have built an Intercooler Splitter with cutouts for optional water spray nozzles for 1998-2001 Impreza hoods. The splitter is designed to work with 2004-2007 USDM STi intercoolers and and 2008-20016 STi Intercoolers.

The base (1997-2001 Impreza hoods) will be standard and the gaskets (GD STi, GR STi) are interchangeable. So if you start with a GD STi intercooler and upgrade to a GR STi, you will only need to purchase one piece instead of the entire splitter which will save you money.

For those who are using this for a JDM V7-9 application, the USDM STi fitment is going to be pretty good. The distance from front to back of the intercooler is a touch bigger but not enough to cause any issues.

If during your swap or project you've gotten rid of the nozzles, clip, or taping screws you can buy them with the Intercooler Splitter as a set or click here to buy the pieces individually.

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