iWire Q&A - 8/9/2018

iWire Q&A - 8/9/2018

Apr 15, '21

We recently held an Instagram Q&A (follow us at i_wire) and wanted to post the answers somewhere long term. We plan to do this in the future so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram to see if we will answer YOUR question!

Topics Covered:

- 93 Impreza to STi Swap

- DCCD controllers and ABS

-iWire's favorite swaps

- 6 Cylinder swaps

- JDM WRX to GD 2.5 RS Swap

- Milsepc wiring harness

- LHD to RHD conversion

- Install guide video

- Future car meets

1. Can you use the stock harness/ecu (93 Impreza) with a STi swap?

No. ECU needs to match engine so all NA to turbo swaps require a merge.

2. Will the DCCD still work if the car the trans goes into doesn't have ABS?

None of the aftermarket controllers requre ABS input so year DCCD can be utilized without ABS. However, OEM DCCD does require ABS input.

3. Favorite Swap?

NA 2.5 Powered Hovercraft, Bucky Lasek's STi swapped 98 Impreza, and Lance at Speed USA 2015 WRX Swap

4. Is there a kit available for EG33 yet?

All 6 cylinder swaps can be done but only with a standalone like Haltech for now.

5. What does it take to swap a JDM WRX motor into a GD 2.5 RS?

Just a straight forward harness merge. No different than a GC swap though.

6. Will you make a mil spec or tucked plug and play harness?

replacement milspec/upgraded intake manifold harnesses are coming. More true milspec is a possibility in the future but would need your harness here.

7. LHD to RHD (Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive) conversion harness available?

Nothing for us to do here. Harness should match dash so you would use RHD harness for RHD conversion. If engine is different then we merge RHD to match.

8. Will you guys ever do a wiring harness install guide/video in the future?

Yup! Working on it now and should be done by end of summer.

9. Will you ever have an iWire swapped cars meet?

We had Brapchella last June and plan to host our second Brapchella this November when it cools off.