Transmission Swap Service

Auto to Manual Conversion Service

Are you ready to take back the driving experience and enjoy the car as it was meant to be driven but a bit overwhelmed by what it takes to do the conversion from a wiring standpoint? Great news! We offer a service to convert your bulkhead harness from automatic to manual for a fraction of the cost of a new bulkhead harness from the dealer. 

Why do I have to modify the harness? Modifying the harness (instead of buying a manual replacement) is a great way to guarantee that it will be plug-and-play for your vehicle while maintaining your factory or aftermarket accessories. Unfortunately, there is no way to make an adapter because the powertrain harness is integrated into the body harness. This means we must surgically remove all of the inputs from the automatic transmission computer and rework the harness to accept the new manual transmission inputs and ECU. 

How much is it to convert my harness from auto to manual? Our service is $599 plus return shipping and comes with everything needed. This is a fraction of the price of a new factory harness, which can reach over 1200 dollars. We also have DIY options for the wiring changes needed that can be found here. 

How do I get my harness merged? Just fill out the sheet below with all your information, and an iWire representative will reach out to you within 24 - 48 hrs. Once the details are sorted out, you’ll remove the bulkhead harness from your vehicle and send it to us along with a copy of the invoice so we can identify the harness once it arrives here.

Eligible vehicles for the Auto to Manual conversion:
1993-2007 Impreza (includes WRX) models
1995-2004 Legacy models
1998-2008 Forester models (except VDC-equipped models)
2002-2006 Baja models 

VDC models have this type of ABS pump

**Unfortunately, we can't offer this service for CANbus Equipped Vehicles or 6-cylinder applications. More info about the issues can be found by clicking here.**

Models we are unable to convert:
1992 - 1997 SVX
2001 - 2004 Legacy 6-cylinder
2005 - 2014 Tribeca
2005 - Current Legacy/Outback (Includes GT/XT and 6-cylinder models)
2008 - Current Impreza (includes WRX and STi)
2009 - Forester (includes XT)

All of our conversions come with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can confidently enjoy your driving. You can click here if you'd like more information.

Are you interested in doing it yourself? Click Here